Data Analysis and Statistical Consultancy

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We can assist you with a variety of advance statistical methods that meet your study objectives. You will receive publication-ready tables and graphs for your research papers with write-ups.


Study design

You will learn how to choose the most appropriate research study design from the many types of research study designs, each with its advantages and limitations, used to collect and analyze data on variables specified in the research problem, and how to pick the most appropriate research procedures and methods.

Sample size
The selection of a suitable sample size is important for research since it improves generalizability of findings to the entire population and improves the reliability and validity of results.
Sampling Design
Generalizability of the results depends upon two things (1) The sample size (2) The way the sample is selected. To find research subjects, one can use a number of approaches. It is important to choose the approach which best matches the requirements of the study and to develop an appropriate recruitment strategy that considers ethical practices and regulations.
Data analysis
An expert team of statisticians handles all aspects of managing, analyzing, and reporting your data. This includes data cleaning, data coding, descriptive statistics, inferential statistics, correlation analysis, multivariate analysis, survival analysis, various types of regression analysis, mediation and moderation analysis, structural equation modeling, etc, etc.
Tables and Graphs
Publication-ready APA,NEJM and Lancet style tables and graphs
Write-up and interpretations of finalized results
Statistical Methodology
Write-up of statistical methodology part.
Two types of Data Analysis services Available
Statistical Consultancy

Consult your project and discuss all the pros and cons, we guide you about the appropriate analysis based on your research questions. Limited free consultancy is available for students

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Data Analysis with write-up

You can hire a professional to analyze your dataUpon agreement between the expert and researcher, publication style tables and graphs will be provided with interpretations

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Calculate Tentative Cost for Analysis

In case you hire an expert for your survey. Cost will be calculated based on number of study variables and complexity of analysis