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When it comes to creating surveys for respondents, whether it is for the research project, or a general topic survey, you have to use the right survey tools to help you create these surveys. When deciding on the survey tool to use, it is important to find one that has a variety of features, to help you create a diverse series of questions, and the ideal survey for your respondent; Some of the many features to look for: 


Template design

You want to find the ideal template for your survey which is fully responsive (adapt screen resolution based on whether the survey is accessed from a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile).

Import Export
One of the biggest problems faced by survey owners is the import/export of data. Make sure your survey tool is fully capable to export data into the format of your analysis software ( SPSS, Stata, R, Excel, etc). When we say fully capable to export this means your data should be transported with full variable and value label information. For example you want to analyze your data in SPSS but your survey tool is only capable to export data as excel then you have to do lots of rework in making analysis-ready SPSS file.
Survey logic
This feature is for respondents to skip entire sections of a survey. If a section deals with a specific condition, this tool will weed out respondents who do not fit that condition, so that they aren’t answering a specific section aimlessly.
Data analysis
A good survey tool should have the capability to perform some basic analysis (Tables, Charts, Pivot tools ) at run time while your survey is live. This lets you look at summary tables, and graphics, to understand the behavior of the entire group of respondents, how they answered, and what these answers mean. It allows you to analyze everything in one place.
Question morphing
This feature allows you to change the format of questions. For example, initially, you define a question as a single choice but later you want to change it to multiple choice. Your survey tool must have capabilities to change certain contents of the survey while it is live without losing data
Multi language
This feature allows respondents to choose and fill surveys based on their ease and understating of the language.
Question Types


Array (5 point choice)

Array (10 point choice)

Array (Yes/No/Uncertain)

Array by column

Array dual scale

Array (Numbers)

Array (Texts)

Mask questions

Date and Time

File upload

Numerical input

Multiple numerical input




Multiple choice questions

Multiple choice

Multiple choice dropdown

Multiple choice searchable

Multiple choice with comments

Single choice questions

5 point choice

List (Dropdown)

List (Radio)

List with comment

Text questions

Short free text

Long free text

Huge free text

Multiple short text

Two types of Survey Solutions Available
Get Subscription

Request an annual subscription of survey portal and create and manage surveys by yourself. We will provide you one hour getting started training and support.

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Hire an Expert

Hire an expert and give your survey requirements. Expert will develop and mange survey. Also provide you data in your desired format.

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Calculate Cost for your survey

In case you hire an expert for your survey. Cost will be calculated based on number of questions in the survey and estimated number of required responses

Sample Surveys
G156YP Outline of a human body identifying missing organs. Conceptual illustration of transplantable organs.
Organ Transplantation

This is a sample of bilingual surveys. Users can choose the language of their choice at the beginning of the survey and any time during the survey without losing information

Live Demo
Social Media Impact

This is a sample survey, includes preference ranking/ordering, Likert scale with emoji visuals, and radio checkbox choices questions

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Sleep Quality

This sample survey includes features to perform calculations at runtime (e.g. Calculate BMI from given weight and height). To encourage response rate at the end of the survey respondents receive a detailed report about their sleep quality.

Live Demo
Training and Development
Learning approaches

This survey offers various kinds of conditional jumps and branching of survey questions. At the end of the survey, respondents may print their answer and analysis report.

Live Demo
Medical Education
Medical Education

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Social Media

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